Merit Badge


  •  We have been providing the Swimming Merit Badge for over 10 years.     For boys that need swimming skills in order to pass off the requirements for 2nd class, 1st class or the Swimming Merit badge......we provide the Merit Badge Prep class.   It is offered year round at least once a week.   Boys 11 and over can participate in learning all the skill required to earn their rank and their Merit Badge.   Boys that are below a level 3 will be offered Scout Learn to Swim in order to begin in a smaller group.  These boys will be moved to the Prep group as soon as their are confident to join them.    We offer a Fall program from Labor Day until Christmas and another one from January until school ends.   Some boys complete the requirements quickly while others will spend the year with us.   Periodically throughout the year we will offer a "fast track"  Swimming Merit Badge class for boys that are really good swimmers and can finish all the requirements in a few hours.  


  •  Life Saving Merit Badge requires a little more strength to complete.   I recommend that boys are 12 and over to try it.    They will be required to meet me at the AF pool to pass off the 400 yd. swim in order to complete the badge.   We offer this merit badge only a few times a year and give preference to boys coming out of the Swimming Merit Badge from our pool .            We can also provide an merit badge counselor for Canoeing and First Aid upon request and availability.