Meet Our Team



       My name is Sheila Morrison and I am the founder of The Swimmin' Hole.    I have been teaching swim lessons for over 40 years in Canada and in Utah.  I was a competitive swimmer growing up and started teaching when I was 14.    I have a very fond love for swimming and try to pass that on to our instructors and our swimmers.     I am married and have 4 children, all of whom have taught or worked in our pool at some point.    I also have 3 grandchildren and one on the way,  so the legacy continues!    My husband Mark teaches at PGHS and coaches Cross Country,  Indoor Track and Track.  Mostly, Mark and I have devoted our lives to working with children and youth and will continue to do so as long as we are able.



Abby is  part of the Morrison legacy of instructors at our pool.  She swam for American Fork High School and HAST year round team.  She has been teaching here since she was 14 and loves to teach and coach.  She is working at Cabela's full time and coaching and teaching here as her time allows.  She is well loved by her swimmers and their parents. 



 I have been coaching Swimming for over 20 years.   I started coaching summer rec. at Lehi.   Then I was hired to coach at American Fork for HAST a year round USA team.   I am a level 3 ASCA coach.   I am also a certified stroke technician (only one in Utah).  I enjoy cake decorating and floral design when I am not in the pool. 



Michelle and her children help us at our pool during the school year.  In the summer, their family does their own swim program at their home in Cedar Hills.  We are so glad to have her during the school year to help in our program.  She is a Mom and Grammma and loves to work with children. 



AnnerMerie just finished her second year at BYU and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team.  She works as much as she can during the school year and then lots in the summer.  She is heading into education and we can tell she will be an awesome teacher! 



 Kailin grew up in Cedar Hills, UT and swam for HAST and Lone Peak High School. Her main events included the 100/200 yard butterfly and 100/200 yard backstroke. In 2005 she won state at the 4A High School Championships for the 100 yard butterfly. After high school, she turned swimming into a hobby in order to pursue academics and her passion of world travel. She has a bachelor's degree in sociology, and has lived in places like California, Russia, Taiwan and Germany. She is now back in Utah with her husband and two children!