Swim Lessons


The Swimmin' Hole offers Swim lessons for children and adults.  We start with Parents and Tots .......as young as you are willing to bring them!  Once they are comfortable in the water,  jumping in,  going under water,  trying to swim by themselves.......you can move them to a Pre School private lesson.  These lessons are one on one for 15 minutes.   We work on strengthening your child's ability so they can swim back to the side of the pool.   Younger swimmers.....age 2 and 3....may not learn actual skills like big arms and breathing at this age.   We will teach "confidence" first and then "competence"!        Once swimmers are at least 36" tall to their CHIN, they can move to regular lessons.  These lessons are small groups for 30 minutes beginning in level 1 and moving to level 5.  The lower the level, the fewer swimmers in the class.  Level 5 may have up to 6 swimmers in a group.        Lessons are taught from 9 am until 5 pm Monday to Friday.  We use several experienced instructors that rotate through the week depending on their personal availability.    School year lessons are once per week for 5 weeks.   We encourage families to double up and come twice a week when able to.  To find out what level your swimmer is, download the "Knowing Your Child's Level" attachment below. Also available to download is our School Year program info!