The Swimmin' Seals

The Swimmin' Seals is the name of our swim team. We have been offering this program for several years. During the school year...... it is a prep group trying to get swimmers ready for the various summer leagues provided in Utah County. During the summer, our teams compete as a "visiting" team at the American Fork Fitness Center in their summer league meets.

This year, we are piloting a recreational competitive team that will swim in the Salt Lake County League. There is about 14 teams and we have been invited to join the league and swim in one meet every month from October until March. In April they provide an all county championship meet. We are excited to compete with them this year, but it does change the focus of our prep program. The minimum age for the SLC league is 6 years old.

Swimmers interested in this program will need to do a tryout with us. Making the team will depend on the swimming ability and availability in the program.