The Swimmin' Seals


The Swimmin' Seals is the team name for all our swim team groups. During the summer we participate in the swim meets at the American Fork pool. During the school year we participate in the Salt Lake County League. We have had great success with our swimmers and the program is a smaller commitment than the city pools at only twice a week. Team groups are smaller and we are not affected by weather. We do a try out in the Fall and Spring for all swimmers interested in joining.


This summer we will have 4 swim meets at the American Fork pool. Swimmers need to be about level 3 to join our team. We will swim test the lower level kids before a swim meet to be sure they can do the 25 yds at the big pool. Swim meets are part of a competitive swim program and we expect our swimmers to swim in the meets.


Coaches for the summer program will be Abby M in the mornings with the 8 and under swimmers...... AnneMerie J at noon with the mixed group of swimmers and another coach at 5:30 with the older swimmers. We also have quite a few USA competitive swimmers on our staff that may sub or help out as needed.

Adapted Swimmin' Seals

This will be the 3rd summer that we have offered our Adapted Swim Team!  Space is limited and swimmers will be required to do a try out.  This team will join our bigger team at all the meets and they also practice twice a week.  This past year they have all had great success and improvement in their swimming....... a really fun team to be part of and to watch.  The coach of our Adapted team is Kailin N.  The kids an parents love her and she has lots of experience working with this group. Swimmers that are not quite ready for the adapted team should come to the special needs program.