Special Needs Program

In 2005 we started a program to provide a swimming opportunity for special needs children AND service hours for our 11 yr old scouts. It was a pilot program for 8 weeks to earn 8 hours of service BUT it became so popular that we have continued it. Special Needs children that are kindergarten to 16 are invited to participate in the program. Each swimmer needs to have a buddy in the pool with them.......we also provide a facilitator in the water during each session. We help to teach the buddies, who then teach their swimmer. It is based on learning through play and stretching the ability of the swimmer. Sort of like teaching them to swim without them knowing ! It has been a huge success for all involved. This is also a year round program and the kids come once a week. There is limited availability in this program.

Super Swimmers

This program launched this past summer and has been quite successful.  We have about special needs kids that are swimming well enough to compete in the adaptive swim meets.  You will need to try out for this team and be deep end safe to continue.  Space is limited. 

Woman Donates Afternoons to Teach Special Needs Children to Swim 

July 6, 2013 


Pleasant Grove Woman Teaches Joy of Swimming To Special Needs Children